Bolt-Together Channel Drains – 4′ (To Exceed 10′ Per Side)


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The 4′ bolt together channel drain is made from robust 12 gauge galvanized steel. All our pre-engineered channel drains are pre slopped. They are all built with an internal slope (.83%) allowing level installation and still maintain water flow. (Depending on overall length flat sections may be necessary to obtain your desired length.) Our Channel drains have a sleek ¾” slot which creates a high end look which provides a low maintenance option VS a heavy non visible appealing traditional grating system. Walk or drive over with no concern. Easy install, everything comes assembled, no welding required, no heavy grating to bolt on. Simply bolt the sections together and pour your concrete. The channel drains can be installed on one or both sides of the drain pit. The channel drains can be bolted together to get your desired length. We recommend using 10′ channel drain sections starting at the pit followed by the shorter length channel drains. Tools required: 9/16” socket or wrench, string line or line laser, tape measure, hammer

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Weight 26.7 lbs
Dimensions 48 × 8.55 × 8.55 in