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We are leading the industry with providing the most stylish, robust, affordable drain system on the market. With over 20 years in the concrete construction industry we have designed and built you the ultimate drain system.

Our products are built with heavy-duty materials and are corrosion resistant. Our channel drains are internally sloped and are made with a sleek ¾” slot drain channel. This design creates a high end look requiring minimal maintenance. Not only will the CDS drain system catch your eye, but all the water and debris you throw at it. Installing a drainage system will extend the life of your concrete.

CDS is your number one choice for concrete drainage solutions in garage floors to air plane hangars and everything in between.

Benefits of a CDS Channel Drain

Easier Concrete Finishing

Fewer slopes required over multiple conventional drains means faster and nicer finishing work

Fast Cleaning

Large pit to collect heavier than water solids, means you clean less and enjoy more of what life has to offer.

Modern Finish

Conventional drains are….not pretty.  Channel Drains are aesthetically pleasing.  Your garage will be a show room.

Locally Made

Made in Manitoba so you can rest assured you’re keeping it local!

A Complete Drainage System – Canadian Drain Systems

CDS Drains provides the complete drain system. We manufacture all our own drains to ensure a quick, effective, and beautiful looking channel drain for your concrete floor.


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Why install a drain system?

The most prevalent method for constructing a garage floor is to slope it towards the overhead door. While this approach may suffice in warmer regions, it proves impractical in colder climates. Not only does it create a hazardous skating rink within the garage and driveway, but it also leads to the freezing of garage doors, compromising their seals. Moreover, failing to slope the floor to a pit results in an accumulation of road salt and gravel, accelerating the deterioration of the concrete surface over time.

Are drain systems permissible in our municipality?

Contrary to common belief, the installation of a drain pit is generally permissible. However, it must be self-contained, also known as an evaporation pit. The contained water can be removed manually by pailing, vacuuming, or by utilizing a submersible pump. In instances where piping out is permitted, we offer a 3” outlet compatible with a cremco fitting, facilitating connection to standard 3” ABS pipes.

Must I slope my channel drain during installation?

No, it is not necessary. Our pre-engineered channel drains come pre-sloped, incorporating an internal slope (.83%) that enables level installation while ensuring proper water flow.

How durable is the drain system? Can it withstand vehicular traffic?

Unlike plastic or inferior metal drains, the CDS drain system is engineered to withstand vehicular traffic with confidence. Crafted from hot-dip galvanized steel, our products boast exceptional durability, safeguarding your drain for over 50 years. The robust design of the drain pit and channel, coupled with the underlying concrete, ensures unparalleled strength. Constructed from heavy-duty 12-gauge steel, both the channel drains and pit walls offer exceptional resilience. Additionally, the top lip and lid of the pits feature ¼” thick steel construction.

How do I maintain my channel drain?

Designed with ease of maintenance in mind, our channel drain eliminates the need for cumbersome grates. Simply acquire our Channel Drain Cleaning Tool, and with a single swift motion, clear any debris from the drain in seconds.

Where can I install this product?

Our drain system finds application in various settings, from new constructions to retrofitting projects. Common installation areas include garage floors, shop floors, airplane hangars, pool areas, patios, driveways, and downspouts, among others.

Is installation straightforward?

Yes, installation is straightforward and hassle-free. Click here for our Installation Guide.  Each component arrives pre-assembled, eliminating the need for welding or heavy grating installation. Begin by installing the pit into your base, then bolt the channel sections to the pit. Utilizing our pre-mounted leveling hardware and pounding rebar into the ground, the channel drain is easily leveled and straightened, with final adjustments made by tightening a bolt.

Tools required: 9/16” socket or wrench, string line or line laser, tape measure, hammer.



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