16″x16″x16″ Triple Outlet Channel Drain Ready Heavy Duty Galvanized Drain Pit


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The 16″ x 16″x 16″ Drain Pit is built to last. The way CDS has designed the drain pit it provides a HD product. The lid is made from robust 1/4″ thick galvanized steel plate (lid included with pit.) You can drive over the drain system with confidence, unlike plastic or cheap thin gauge metal on the market. This pit is made with three holes which allows the use of channel drains along with the capability to expel contained water. Use the CDS 3″ outlet combined with a CDS 3″ cremco fitting a typical 3” abs pipe can be used to bring the water to your desired location. With the addition of a CDS Seal Plate is can be used as an self contained evaporation pit.


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Weight 65 lbs
Dimensions 22.3 × 22.3 × 16 in